We need to save the Leuser Ecosystem!

The Leuser Ecosystem is located in North Sumatra and is one of Earths richest and yet least known forests. It contains rare species such as the Sumatran Orang Utan, Sumatran Rhino, Sumatran Elephant and Sumatran Tiger. As you can imagine it is a large focus for conservationists around the world.

Recently laws had been passed and companies had been dealt with to stop any clearing of the forests for Palm Oil and mining. This was a huge breakthrough but now more threats are coming. More projects are being pushed with wealthy investors backing them so the government are beginning to consider doing it for the money.

Have a read of this article and sign the petition located at the bottom if you want to help save one of the worlds most beautiful and exotic forests. http://alert-conservation.org/issues-research-highlights/2016/9/28/dangers-loom-for-the-last-place-where-tigers-orangutans-elephants-and-rhinos-survive-in-the-wild#.V-4plNhpAKg.facebook=



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